Independent Energy

Lion Heart hospital

In close coordination with the client Independent designed, manufactured and installed a containerised Solar system for the regional Hospital in Yele, Sierra Leone in 2016. The hybrid system integrates a weak hydro grid and diesel generator with the installed solar system and  its battery bank. The combination supplying the crucial tasks of the hospital with uninterrupted power supply/ Independent Energy optimised the use of solar power with a 30 kWp solar array that charges partly via DC charge regulators and partly via a Solar Edge inverter that supplies directly to the AC distribution network on site. In this way the solar yield is optimised and the impact of different tilt angles and shade is minimised.
The system was plug and play built in a refurbished shipping container with cooling and solar array roof. The container also houses the sturdy Sonnenschein OPZS battery bank of 2.640 Ah.
It was a pleasure working with the local team and the Lion Hart Foundation organisation and we are happy to still support the operation to date. More information on the work of the Lion Heart foundation can be found on: