Independent Energy

Local Presence of Solar Power Energy

Independent Energy is active in many different countries and is used to working in remote areas and harsh conditions. Our main markets are Africa and the Middle East, but many projects have been performed in Asia and South America as well.


In Nigeria, Independent Energy has a successful cooperation with SOSAI Renewable Energies Company, a Nigerian renewable energy company that was set up in 2004 to help provide energy security to Nigerian communities. Born out of a desire to combat climate change and reduce pollution, SOSAI has grown over the last 16 years, and now provides a wide range of services such as consulting, improved cook stoves, and access to clean water. Independent Energy has been working with SOSAI for many years, and collaborates on a range of services, including technical installation and support throughout Nigeria.




Cape Verde

Our cooperation with Elseg in Cape Verde dates back more than 15 years, and we intend to extend it for many more. We jointly perform wholesale, system design and solar installations on a regular basis and work on all islands. If you need a new system, or support with your existing system in this region do not hesitate to contact us. We can offer local support, installation and after sales services.


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Independent Energy has worked with Solarose Oman for over a decade. Established in 1997 and located in Muscat, Solarose is a renewable energy company dedicated to independent power supply and backup power. Solarose’s mission is to facilitate renewable energy projects with in-depth knowledge using quality products, within budget and on time. Solarose and Independent Energy target industrial solar systems for the vast country and its many remote sites that depend on generators for their power supply.




With our local partner Marsol, we jointly perform wholesale, system design, and solar installations.  The cost and reliability of electricity is a hot topic and indicative of exciting times to come. If you need a new system, or support with your existing system in this region, we can offer system design and hardware, local support, installation, and after-sales services.


Sierra Leone

Independent Energy Sierra Leone is our first wholly owned branch office. With multiple installations on the ground we are happy to supply and support your (back-up) solar system to improve your energy security and lower your energy or fuel costs.

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